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Many people see the new year as a fresh start, but it’s also a wake-up call. A reminder to evaluate where we’re at based on all we set out to accomplish last year. Ultimately, we commit to some sort of resolution in hopes of improving ourselves moving forward. Or we tease our friends who have made the mistake of sharing their resolution publicly.


Winter is here. The days are shorter, temptations are everywhere throughout the holidays, and it’s friggin’ cold outside. Naturally, we spend much of the season either bundled up or hunkered down. Despite the winter’s best efforts to eliminate any motivation you may have, you will not be beat. Not this year.


Rejoice, the holidays are here, and it’s a magical time for The Fenway. A special energy consumes Boston as the holiday spirit takes hold of the city. Gifts, drinks and parties abound. There is one issue with all this cheer and celebration, though. The holidays are essentially a crash course in extended family time.


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