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Musician Will Gittens performs his newest song, Just Chill, in The Fenway! 


Well. That took awhile. Now that the cold weather has finally arrived, we’ve got hot beverages on the brain. There’s nothing better on a cold day than warming up with a comforting cup of coffee. Or tea. And espresso. Let’s not forget the hot chocolate, either! And while there are lots of places to buy these beverages, we’re focusing on a few where you can really sit and enjoy them.


We know that The Fenway got its rep from those bustling summer months filled with baseball and bar crawls. But it’s in November, when the Sox season is over and the weather is cool, that you get to really see what this neighborhood has to offer.

It’s a month known for food, football and, of course, fun. And we’ve got it all right here. 


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