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“Did you bring lunch today?” It’s a common question among colleagues when noontime rolls around at work. So, what happens when you didn’t, in fact, bring something from home to fuel up on? Maybe you and your work friends head over to the same one or two spots around the corner from your office. Or perhaps you get pizza delivered. Our advice? Stop it!


Breaking news: Summer’s still in full swing! Back-to-school messaging may be bombarding you, but there’s at least a few weeks left to soak up all the fun, sun and sounds of summer in The Fenway. Hence, this handy end-of-summer bucket list.


1. Party on the Patio


Raise your hand if you like a little fresh air and sunshine with your summertime workouts. We feel you! Granted, the indoor gyms and spin classes in The Fenway are top-notch and bring sweet air-conditioned relief on particularly sweltering days.


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